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HVAC Building Commissioning/RetroCommissioning

It makes sense and it is to both your short and long term advantage to bring the Certified Commissioning Authority (CCA) into the planning process as early as possible.

Selecting the CCA that early gives you an additional source of expertise to assure properly operating HVAC and other systems for your project.

The CCA prepares a Plan detailing how the commissioning process will be organized and scheduled. When you approve the Plan, it will be included in the contract specifications. The Plan includes, but is not limited to:

The requirement that the CCA review the design drawings before bid time to make sure they include all necessary system components (such as test ports, flow stations, balance valves, access doors, dampers, etc.) to test, balance and commission the project.

The number and sequence of field inspections to be conducted and documented by the CCA to verify that components needed for proper balancing and commissioning have been installed. The CCA will schedule and attend job site construction meetings whenever necessary to benefit the project or when requested by another job site meeting attendee.

  • A description of the responsibilities of other parties involved in the commissioning process
  • Prior to final testing and balancing, the CCA observes and verifies start-up of all equipment that will be included in that process
  • The CCA verifies and certifies the final testing, adjusting and balancing
  • After construction is complete and system(s) have been commissioned, the CCA schedules and conducts the O & M training program
  • When the project and commissioning process is complete, the CCA submits all commissioning documentation to the owner and recommends final acceptance of the building's system(s).
  • During the guarantee period, the CCA is available to answer questions, investigate building-related problems and recommend the proper corrective action.
  • The CCA assists the mechanical, electrical and sheet metal contractors with their responsibility for providing as-built drawings by informing them of any changes from design found during the commissioning process.

The ultimate goal is to provide a fully operational and optimized HVAC system for the owner, and The PBC Group is determined to make it happen.

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