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HVAC Testing and Balancing

When an HVAC System isn't working properly, everyone involved- architect, design engineer, equipment suppliers, installers, contractors and, of course, owners and occupants, want the system to operate better.

There may be many reasons why existing systems do not work properly or satisfy the requirements of the building owner and occupants.

  • The main system or many minor system components are old and worn
  • The system components have gone out of adjustment, calibration or out of balance
  • System components such as fans, coils, internal screens and others may have gotten too dirt
  • Changes in floor plans without taking into account the effect on the HVAC System

Although any of these potential problems could be solved by abandoning or tearing out the existing equipment, in reality only a system that is old and worn would justify the comparatively large expense.

This is where the importance of testing, adjusting and balancing the HVAC is imperative to fix these problems. To ensure that your HVAC unit is functioning properly, our engineer technicians test, adjust and balance

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