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Testing and Certifying Air Changes and Pressurization
Hospitals & Health Facilities
Per JCAHO Requirements

With all the changes in health care today, there is one that remains constant:

The Need to Protect the Quality of Indoor Air

Preventing and/or eliminating airborne contamination and infection will always be primary concerns in hospitals and health care facilities.  Considerations:
  • How many air changes do you need in your operating rooms?
  • Do your protective isolation rooms have the required positive pressurization?
  • Are your infectious isolation rooms negatively pressurized?
  • Are your laboratory fume hoods operating effectively and properly certified?

Many quality-minded managers of hospitals and health care facilities arrange with HVAC technicians like PBC to regularly inspect and evaluate those systems. The professionals at The PBC Group cannot only analyze and troubleshoot your HVAC systems but, if there is a problem, can help you solve it.

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