The PBC Group 
Testing, Balancing, Commissioning & Special Services
Providing Buildings a Safe and Comfortable Atmosphere

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Professionals from the Beginning

PBC, Inc. was founded in 1972 as Professional Balance Company. Headed by Donald Burke, PE, the company has maintained and enhanced its professional image.

Since the company's beginnin
g, we have been responsible for the final testing and balancing of more than 25,000 projects.

These projects range from hospitals and medical centers, schools and other institutional buildings and industrial laboratories to commercial office buildings, factories, research facilities and even nuclear power plants.

PBC, Inc. is a fully qualified member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC).

 PBC, Inc., you will find the professional combination of education, training, occupational background and experience, plus the full complement of testing, measurement tools and instrumentation to analyze virtually any building system designed by a competent engineer.

If you consider the bottom line first, it means you get a better building.  When the HVAC, fire protection and other systems have been properly designed initially, and have been certified to operate properly, it will live up to its design expectations.

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