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Professional Building Commissioning LLC

The PBC Group specializes in HVAC Commissioning to ensure that the HVAC system is designed, installed, functionally tested, and is capable of being operated and maintained to perform in conformity with the design intent. 

Using PBC LLC. as your Independent Certified Commissioning Authority comes with many benefits: 

Getting the benefit you paid for. 

Identifying and correcting problems sooner.

You are assured that any design, installation, or equipment problems are identified and corrected faster than would be without a dedicated Independent Certified Commissioning Authority.

Establish effective communication.

You will have skilled people who know how to communicate effectively on your behalf with members of the construction team to assure the on-time, within-budget project you deserve.

Receive accurate and efficient recordings.

Your Independent Certified Commissioning Authority compiles an accurate record of significant events and communications throughout the commissioning process, including such items as:
  • Design intent documents
  • Resolution tracking forms which document problems and steps taken to resolve them
  • Start-up checklist
  • System verification checklists
  • Functional performance test results
  • Operation & Maintenance documents
Save Money.

PBC LLC and the Commissioning process can help you avoid the cost of:
Correcting problems that you don't know about until after the contractors have gone:
  • Using excess energy because equipment is operating inefficiently
  • Operating and maintaining equipment with undiagnosed problems or using untrained personnel
  • Occupant absenteeism or reduced productivity because of uncomfortable conditions or poor indoor air quality
  • Resolving potential legal issues with the issues above

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